Marketing for Your Agency

Curriculum Number: 586 | Hours: 1.25 | Due Date: 30 Days From Registration
Manager: Brandy Joiner
Credits: 0.00

Video Details

Your Website:
Years ago, everyone rushed to get a website; did you notice that they all started to look alike? Consider what you can do to take your website to the next level. It has to be more than just an online brochure. Discuss how you can make it interactive, educational, and memorable.

Use of Social Media:
Some agencies think they are active in social media but aren't tapping into its full potential! In this session, we will explore the various My Agency Homes and help you generate ideas for staying active online. We will not only focus on selling your services but also about sharing community
involvement and spotlighting your agency's staff. you will feel confident getting social even without a dedicated marketing social media specialist.